Hygiene or Professional Cleaning / Prophylaxis is seen as the most basic and crucial dental treatment you could undergo. Hygiene is of upmost importance in dentistry since so much depends on it.

Prophylaxis means a gentile yet thorough removal of all soft and hard deposits found on teeth surfaces above and underneath the gum line, followed by a glass-like polish and the topical application of disinfectants and/or fluoride products.

Dental Plaque which is made up of bacteria will start forming on teeth straight after brushing them. This will be made possible by a biofilm which is actually produced by bacteria and consists of adherent substances, enabling  bacteria to attach onto teeth. This makes your daily cleaning even more important.

Correct teeth brushing and careful everyday flossing are very effective tools for keeping cavities development and gum disease at bay. However, fact is that some areas of the teeth are difficult to reach during your daily routine and soft plaque will start absorbing minerals form food, saliva and water, transforming it into Tarter. Once formed, the tarter will literally push the gum away from the tooth, facilitating more and more stone building towards the underlaying jaw bone. The gum will increasingly become inflamed and once the inflammation reached the bone underneath, both the periodontal ligament which provides anchorage of the teeth roots in the bone as well as the bone itself will be invaded by bacteria, being destroyed and replaced by infected and bleeding soft tissue called granulation tissue.
At this stage, the full picture of periodontal disease or chronical gum disease is unfolding with teeth becoming progressively mobile due to bone loss, leading to tooth loss in the end if left untreated. Failure to attend regular Hygiene sessions will result sooner or later in severe dental and oral health complications.

Around 80% of the adult population is suffering from chronic gum disease which is easily associated with bleeding gums, abscesses, bad breath and of course tooth loss in many cases. There is a proven correlation between gum disease and general health conditions as heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. Having said that, it is imperative that High-Quality Hygiene Treatments must be taken seriously by both patients as well as dental professionals.

Dr. Maurer provides a unique approach for your unique set of teeth. Everyone interested will receive skilled, informational, instructional and motivational support to help you care intelligently for your personalised oral health routine.




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